Wise Wooly’s Activity Books For Children

Is your child getting bored in the home? During COVID-19, children have to stay in their house and spend time indoors. Parents may be looking for some easy ways to keep their children engaged with things that entertain and educates both at the same time. For your children, they are in luck. Vibgyor presents Wise Wooly’s activity books for children of age 3 to 7 and above that will keep them engaged for long hours. Wise Wooly’s is our series of activity books for kids who enjoy playing puzzle games, solving riddles, enjoy colouring and drawing and doing experiments. We have plenty of Wise Wooly’s activity books for your children to introduce them to the subjects of their interest.

Why Wise Wooly’s Activity Books for Children?

Activity books keep your child engaged and promote learning with fun. Therefore, it is vital to give them the related activity book that generates their interest in their subjects. Wise Wooly’s has a diverse range of activity books on different study subjects like General Knowledge, Environmental Science, Mathematics, English Language, and more. Here is the reason you should buy Wise Wooly’s activity books for your children:

  • Develops their language learning skills
  • Attractive book get-up
  • Interactive approach
  • Books contain witty questions and facts
  • Have a mascot – Wise Wooly
  • Improves observation skills
  • Enhances creativity with fun learning
  • Fun-filled activities like drawing and colouring, puzzles, playdough etc

The objective of the Wise Wooly’s activity books is to get the tiny-tots of ages 3 to 7 and above acquainted with words—fruits, colours, living beings, etc., and develop their language learning skills. The motive is to teach them the language with fun so that they do not get bored. Your children will get extra interest in the books while colouring the materials in some activities. The books also have a Mascot, Wise Wooly, a smart sheep that will educate your children with witty questions and wise facts.

Whether it is Science, Mathematics, or any other subject, these activity books will generate extra interest in the study subjects that seem boring. Generally, our tiny tots avoid mathematics. They will develop learning skills in mathematics for their academic foundation and growth through these activity books. The interest in these books will further develop from the coloured pictures provided in the books. The approach of all the books in this series is interactive that will keep the students learn the basics of mathematics. Likewise, they will enjoy learning with fun with the other subjects too.

Books For Children To Promote Learning With Fun

The Wise Wooly’s series contains books on the subjects like English, General Science, Mathematics, etc. They are activity-based so that the young learners can grasp the academic subjects quickly. The English portion comprises capital letters, small letters, picture reading, action words, etc., the General Science portion consists of Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, A Colourful Rainbow, Road Safety, and others. The Math section covers Heavier and Lighter, Taller and Shorter, Matching Numbers, etc. You can order the Wise Wooly’s activity books for your young readers directly from Amazon. Happy reading.